Laceration Mantra are a relentless uncompromising intense death metal band. Their original sound and songwriting is a culmination of many years of experience drawing on many genres of influence within the heavy music spectrum.


Hailing from Brisbane Australia the current lineup consists of:


Rob Rieff - Bass/Vocals

Scott Edgar - Guitars

Anthony Dwyer - Drums


Their first album Prolonging the Pain was released in March 2011 on Obsidian Records with many positive reviews. An Australian tour and international supports followed to back up this release.


The new album Infested was completed in early 2016 and is another brutal sensory assault. As with the first release an Australian tour followed.


The band has played many of Australias best known festivals including:

  • The Dead of Winter festival - Brisbane
  • East West Grindfest - Sydney
  • Terrorising the Earth - Melbourne
  • Under the Southern Cross - Sydney
  • Insurrection of Darkness - Melbourne
  • Ausocalypse - Bendigo


To date Laceration Mantra has worked with international acts: Angel Corpse, Sinister, Grave, Macabre, Primate, Dead Congregation, G.S.D, Krisiun, Destroyer666, Marduk, Gorguts, Entombed AD and Coffins.


The band is currently writing new material for their next release.

Unmarked photos in this gallery by Silvia Madis Photography




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