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Laceration Mantra are a relentless uncompromising intense death metal band. Their original sound and songwriting is a culmination of many years of experience drawing on many genres of influence within the heavy music spectrum.


Hailing from Brisbane Australia the current lineup consists of:


Rob Rieff - Bass/Vocals

Scott Edgar - Guitars

Anthony Dwyer - Drums


Their first album Prolonging the Pain was released in March 2011 on Obsidian Records with many positive reviews. An Australian tour and international supports followed to back up this release.


The new album Infested was completed in early 2016 and is another brutal sensory assault. As with the first release an Australian tour followed.


The band has played many of Australias best known festivals including:

  • The Dead of Winter festival - Brisbane
  • East West Grindfest - Sydney
  • Terrorising the Earth - Melbourne
  • Under the Southern Cross - Sydney
  • Insurrection of Darkness - Melbourne
  • Ausocalypse - Bendigo


To date Laceration Mantra has worked with international acts: Angel Corpse, Sinister, Grave, Macabre, Primate, Dead Congregation, G.S.D, Krisiun, Destroyer666, Marduk, Gorguts, Entombed AD and Coffins.


The band is currently writing new material for their next release.



"Are you in the market for a band that has a classic death metal sound yet doesn't feel dated? Do you like each song on an album to be distinct and to stick in your head long after you've pressed the stop button? If so, Australia's Laceration Mantra may be the new band for you."


"The strong song writing will leave the songs stuck in your head like

a nasty tumor."


roswell47  Darkness Descends



"Although Laceration Mantra is essentially an amalgamation of Transfear and Misery, this new outfit bears little resemblance to either of their former groups. Yes, Laceration Mantra is a death metal outfit, and Prolonging the Pain is one bludgeoning slab of intense metal throughout the ten tracks they offer up on the album. But beyond that, Laceration Mantra really does offer up something quite different from what you would expect, with the band finding the perfect balance of old school influences and new, without losing any of their own identity in the process."


Justin Donnelly  The Metal Forge



"Brisbane has a proud history when it comes to death metal and no band from that city stands out more than Misery and their bludgeoningly effective mixture of death, grind and doom. Featuring two of the people from that group in the shapes of guitarist Scott Edgar and drummer Anthony Dwyer, Laceration Mantra set to work in precisely the same relentless fashion."


"Prolonging the Pain is non-stop bulldozing grind-flecked death metal from beginning to end."


Brian Fischer-Griffin   Loud



"Laceration Mantra really defines brutal death metal. They sound like your granny being run over by an oil tanker, then a train, only to have an atom bomb dropped on her. Shame about the granny really, but it’s all necessary if you want to sound as fucking amazing as Laceration Mantra!"


"Firstly, the pure musicianship on this album is second to none. Usually you get bands like: Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Napalm Death, who just drone on throughout the song, adding no real depth or development to the song. But Laceration Mantra on the other hand is as inventive and unique as a death metal band gets."


Their singer, the mighty Rob Rieff can really growl, putting the likes of David Vincent, John Tardy and George Corpsegrinder Fisher to shame. The whole powerful vocal idea makes the down tuned distorted riffing in the background even more aggressive, making the listener think like they have just entered the pits of Hell and received a hell of a twatting of Satan!


Matt Seddon   Metal Rules

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Entombed A.D.

Crowbar, Brisbane QLD

May 9th, 2017

Supported by: Laceration Mantra & Eternal Rest


Sometimes you have some mental nights out.


You know… the kind where you wake up with a pineapple in your bed and have NO IDEA how it got there. Probably. So while I most certainly can’t assure your night will be that crazy – I can promise if you go to an Entombed A.D. show you may just find out what a bottle of whole egg mayo, endlessly fist bumping and a thirst for Mountain Goat beer have to do with a legendary death metal band’s live show.


But before we can get into all the fun, we have some local content coming our way in the shape of local Brisbane act Laceration Mantra.


From the very first note their music exudes a level of aggression that’s positively soul crushing, the drums reverberate throughout your entire body beating you like a blunt axe as the astronomically heavy guitar work strips the flesh from your bones.  Vocalist Rob Rieff ominously stands at the front of the stage – whipping the crowd into a frenzy – attacking his five-string bass like a weapon and bellowing screams from the depths of whatever hell you want to believe in.


This band will have you picking yourself up off the floor in no time.


Kaydan Howison   Wall of Sound


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